Ada Lovelace Day – and why it’s important – archive post from 13/10/2015


Happy Ada Lovelace Day to you all! Founded in 2009, the purpose of the day is to celebrate inspirational women in science, technology, maths and engineering STEM) in order to inspire more girls and women into these areas.

Though she is just as famous for being Lord Byron’s daughter, Ada Lovelace became a prodigy in maths and science, which was notable for a woman born in 1815. It was Ada who realised the potential for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine and the papers she wrote on its possible uses mean she is widely recognised as the first computer programmer.

So how do we encourage young women into STEM subjects today? We need to be their mentors and advocates if they are to be seen as anything other than novelties in many STEM areas. There’s an excellent piece in the Guardian today on Ada Lovelace Day outlining some things we can all do to grow her legacy.

What can you do on Ada Lovelace Day?

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I am a former FE Computing and Teacher Education Curriculum Leader and ex-BBC engineer and trainer. Worcestershire-based, I specialise in teacher education and CPD, educator mentoring, digital skills and pedagogy, I am director of Real Time Education, an independent provider and a keen commentator on further education and digital skills on social media @realtimeedu. I completed a PhD in Education investigating teachers' use of informal social media dialogues for professional learning in April 2020.

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